Welcome to Our Work.

Here are some of the projects that we’ve done from over the years. We’ve also added a ‘Inspiration’ section for future clients to see other design possibilities that can exist. Again, these are just samples of what is possible and we welcome additional design projects that aren’t listed here. We hope you enjoy and please reach out with any questions.


Durango, Colorado: Contemporary Home

Below is a gallery of a home we built from start to finish. Located in the heart of Durango, this house is available as a vacation rental! If you’re looking to see it for yourself, check it out here.

Durango, Colorado: Garage + Apartment

We’ve built quite a few of these garage structures that incorporate either a studio or 1 bedroom apartment unit above the garage. This one incorporated a steel deck, reclaimed wood fencing and then elements of industrial design for the interior.

Grand Junction, Colorado: Southwest Gem

This adobe home is crafted with elements inspired by its surroundings. Simple in design yet beautiful and spacious.

Iron and Wood: Random Projects Incorporating Both

Here are photos of different designs that incorporated our steel and wood work. From custom chevron cabinets and doors to furniture, it’s one of our favorite things to put some time in the shop and coming up with custom designs for our clients.


Please feel free to use these photos as inspiration for upcoming projects. If there is a particular style of home or project not listed below, feel free to reach out and we can include it.